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Electronic Circuit Ultrasonic Cleaner

Precision clean circuit boards and microchips during manufacture and repair.

Electronics are present in our world in every facet of innovation, helping make life better for every person on the planet. Printed Circuit Board’s (PCBs) that make up the core of any electronics assembly need to be properly cleaned to perform as expected.   

Crest Ultrasonics is the industry leader in fast, efficient, safe, and cost-effective cleaning of PCBs during the manufacturing process or even rework and repair. That’s why Crest should be your first choice in any electronics cleaning application.

We have both the products and the know-how to get your parts precision cleaned, which maximizes their potential while minimizing your costs.

Electronic circuit industry challenges

Cleaning circuit boards and electronic assemblies is a difficult challenge. Given the smaller form factor of PCBs, they are now more complex than ever before. Particle contamination is harder to clean. Tolerances on semiconductor packages, BGAs and microBGAs are tighter than ever.

Additionally, the hard to clean RMA or Rosin Based Flux or even the simpler No-Clean or Water soluble Fluxes pose challenges in cleaning.

Crest Ultrasonics offers a large variety of Ceramically Enhanced High Frequency Ultrasonic and Megasonic systems to tackle just these kind of challenges which clean particles off PCBs into the micron and sub-micron range. Combined with the right cleaning solutions, we target the removal of fluxes, ionics, organics and particulates produced. The right solvents in our Vapor Degreasers get under tight-fitting components and remove fluxes before they can cause corrosion. These solvents also can target fingerprint oils, uncured solder paste, some conformal coatings, marking inks and other contaminates.

Circuit-specific items that Crest can clean

  • Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs)
  • Ball Grid Arrays (BGAs)
  • Hybrid circuits
  • Surface Mount Technologies (SMTs)
  • Bio-tech chips

Crest equipment typically used

Ultrasonic Benchtop Cleaners

Cleans like no other benchtop ultrasonic cleaner with ceramic ally enhanced transducers and overlapping ultrasonic waves. Greater power and reliability, compared to wave-top transducers. Click here to buy now.

Industrial Tanks & Generators

Our tanks offer the ideal ultrasonic bath environment for precision cleaning, with plug-and-play transducerized applications. Our industrial-strength generators (sold separately) provide all the power you will need.

Optimum Console

With a compact, space-saving design and rugged, stainless steel tubular frame, it offers the convenience of an all-in-one, wash-rinse-dry design with a single-point facility connection for easy installation. Standard, automated, and custom.

Digital Modular Series (DMS)

For higher throughput and larger components that can’t be handled manually. Standard plug-and-play options include filtration, frequencies, automatic fill/drain, conductivity, and much more. Our DMS system is expandable, versatile, and modular.

Our vapor degreasers with high frequency ultrasonics or megasonics are widely used for any RMA/Rosin Based Flux/No-Clean Flux and particle contamination.

Our Optimum Console and DMS systems are for water soluble flux and particle contamination.

Chem-Crest® chemistries typically used

chem crest chemicals
Ordering available for gallon, case, pail, 55-gallon drum, and tote sizes. Items generally shipped within 24 hours.

Chem-Crest® 103

A mild liquid detergent useful in many applications requiring good detergency and wetting, especially on hard surfaces. It is biodegradable, non-etching, and slightly alkaline. See detailed specifications >>

Chem-Crest® 901

A multipurpose, mild, phosphate- and caustic-free alkaline liquid cleaner that is freely water soluble. A primarily non-ionic formulation for removal of various contaminants such as oils, greases, and particulate matter, this detergent was specially developed for the cleaning of electronics components, though it finds many other uses throughout industrial, mechanical, and maintenance cleaning operations. See detailed specifications >>

Chem-Crest® SolvaClean

A unique, high-performing, non-flammable, azeotropic fluorinated solvent blend developed specifically as a safe, powerful, and environmentally favorable product for the critical cleaning of precision components and as a high purity carrier solvent. See detailed specifications >>

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