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Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaners

We offer an industrial ultrasonic cleaner for virtually any need you might have — standard and custom builds available.

Crest Ultrasonics cleaners use a process that combines ultrasonic sound waves with water or solvents to remove dirt and other contaminants from industrial equipment, tools, and parts.

The ultrasonic waves produce high-frequency, high-amplitude vibrations that cause sub-microscopic bubbles to form on the object’s surface. These bubbles then implode (called cavitation), which pulls contaminants away from the surfaces, aided by the cleaning fluids that soften or break down debris, compounds, oils, shavings, fingerprints, skin, blood, molds, bacteria, and other contaminants. Traditional cleaning methods cannot perform this work as quickly or effectively.

Our ultrasonic cleaners’ gentle yet powerful nature ensures that your parts cleaning needs will be met outside, inside, with no surface left untouched even within parts with blind holes, complex inside cavities, and other surface-cleaning challenges.

Our equipment has powered oil field equipment cleaning as well as delicate computer chips.

Key Benefits of Using Our Advanced Ultrasonic Technology

Precision Cleaning

Cavitation combined with sweep cleaning technology is simply a superior cleaning application compared to virtually any other available industrial-level cleaning methods. From small to large applications, you just can’t beat our equipment and liquid-based cleaners for surface-contaminant reach and removal.


The average ultrasonic cleaning cycle for industrial applications is measured in under 10 minutes. The specific time depends upon the size, composition, and contaminants on components and the frequencies, temperatures, and types of soaps or detergents used.

Extended Parts Life

By increasing the quality of your parts cleaning, while doing so safely, your parts can work with maximum efficiency under less stress caused by partially cleaned or surface damage caused by other methods.

Employee Safety

Human interaction with acids and petroleum-based solvents can cause rashes and breathing-based irritations. You can lower the risk of personal harm and workers’ compensation claims by using our cleaners, which typically use water-based or non-toxic cleaning detergents. Our ultrasonic cleaning tanks also often include standard or add-on automation functionality to limit human interaction during the process further.


Because our industrial parts washers primarily use water-based soaps or enzyme solutions, your company can save 70 percent or more in solvent costs. And using our cleaners allows manufacturers to reduce or eliminate hand-cleaning labor and speed up complex cleaning processes. Your parts will be back up and running or out the door faster, increasing your production and profitability. Many of our industrial cleaning systems pay for themselves in less than a year.

Major Manufacturers Around the World Use Crest Ultrasonics

With over 60 years of engineering, design, and manufacturing behind us, Crest Ultrasonics has grown to be the world’s largest independent source for standard and custom ultrasonic cleaning machines. We own many industry patents on the parts and design that power ultrasonic cleaning systems.

We provide everything you need, from small stainless steel tanks to automated modular systems. Ask about our ultrasonic parts washers. Or how we can custom-build cleaners for your company using a range of frequencies to tackle your specific needs. Our patented ultrasonic cleaning technology and transducer applications, along with our world-class engineering expertise in stainless steel construction and cavitation cleaning advancements, allows us to meet virtually any need you might have along your manufacturing line.

Please take a look at our cleaners by selecting your industry below. You will see the ultrasonic cleaning equipment we suggest for the most common needs, along with our recommended Chem-Crest solutions to support the cavitation process for your specific application requirements.

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Chem-Crest® chemistries typically used

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Ordering available for gallon, case, pail, 55-gallon drum, and tote sizes. Items generally shipped within 24 hours.

We offer a wide range of highly effective detergents for most industry needs. Standard and custom formulations available. To learn more, select a specific or related ultrasonic cleaning industry page and scroll to the bottom. Of course you can contact us with any questions.