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Micropac Vapor Degreaser

A small, cost effective solution to an otherwise expensive and overly complicated problem.

The Micropac is an ideal solution for smaller precision engineering components, electronics, and optic applications. Featuring twin sumps for tackling high contamination levels from a wide range of soil types, it incorporates all of our more complex systems’ essential features while keeping space, energy, and budget to a minimum.

With a 250mm x 200mm x 250mm basket size, the Micropac is excellent for removing a wide range of soils from small-batch loads. Applications include removing PCB solder fluxes, fingerprints, oils, films, grease, and other organic material.

  • Extremely compact and portable system
  • Very affordable for all budgets
  • Refrigerated freeboard and condensing coils
  • Pump and filtration
  • Sprays under immersion
  • Eco-friendly
  • Manual sliding and sealing lid
  • Integrated water separator
  • Twin sump cleaning
  • Work basket included
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