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Modified Alcohol Ultrasonic Vapor Degreaser

Superior Cleaning for Components with Water-Soluble and Oil-Soluble Contaminants.

The new Crest Ultrasonics MA (modified alcohol) Ultrasonic Vapor Degreaser is a new state-of-the-art ultrasonic cleaner that uses modified alcohol. This revolutionary system offers superior cleaning for components with polar (water-soluble) and non-polar (oil-soluble) contaminants. It’s a perfect fit for industries that depend on Modified Alcohol Systems—including medical, automotive, aerospace, electronics, and optical.

plug and play, ready for use
25–132 khz frequency range
patented technology dual-frequency ultrasonics
up to 500w ultrasonic power

Patented dual-frequency ultrasonics for higher levels of in-process power

The Solvac Modified Alcohol Ultrasonic Vapor Degreaser is equipped with the latest patented dual-frequency ultrasonic technology, generating higher levels of in-process power through multi-frequency streaming. This innovative and highly efficient breakthrough in cleaning technology ensures that operators consistently achieve the highest cleanliness levels.

Equipped with a temperature control probe and alarm system, the Solvac MA ensures protection from overheating, maintaining the integrity of your components and the solvent. This precise temperature management contributes to consistent cleaning results and solvent longevity.

Robust safety measures for stable and secure operation

Safety features like a NEMA 1 electrical enclosure, refrigeration temperature monitoring, and vacuum pressure control are integrated into the system. These features ensure the machine operates safely under all conditions, protecting the operator and the environment.

Precision cleaning for a wide range of industries

This system effectively removes contaminants such as surface oils, greases, solder flux, and wax. Many companies spanning a wide range of industries depend on modified alcohol systems, including medical, automotive, aerospace, electronics, and optical. The Solvac MA can meet your company’s cleaning demands, from rugged industrial to critically precise needs.

  • Bridges Aqueous and Solvent
    Capable of handling tasks that Aqueous solutions struggle with whilst being safer than many Solvents
  • Enhanced Safety Compliance
    Prioritize safety and compliance with lower VOC emissions than many solvents
  • Efficient and Economical
    Benefit from faster drying times and reduced need for multiple cleaning stages
  • Environmentally Responsible
    Less hazardous and more biodegradable compared to traditional solvents and some ATEX solutions
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