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Push-Pull Drop-In Piezo Transducer

The Crest Ultrasonics push-pull piezo transducer opens up new ultrasonic cleaning opportunities for you.

Crest Ultrasonics Push-Pull technology allows piezo transducers to perform ultrasonic cleaning in areas that previously you could only attempt with difficulty, if at all.

The ultrasonic driver heads mounted at both ends of the resonator rod induce longitudinal pulses in the resonator at the attachment points. Even with increasing resonator lengths, the longitudinal pulses guarantee a homogenous sonic field.


  • Near-perfect transmission of sound
  • Exceptionally long lifetime assured by solid resonator (3 times that of traditional transducers)
  • Very high efficiency (>97%), permitting cost savings through the reduction in energy consumption
  • Installation in vacuum or overpressure environment possible
  • Automatic internal identification for a dry-running condition without additional wiring
  • Ideal retrofit for large tanks

Multi-functional for process flexibility

Our Push-Pull technology comes into its own in the following applications:

  • Ultrasonic cleaning
  • Environmental applications (e.g., sewage sludge treatment)
  • Sono-chemistry (supporting chemical processes)
  • Emulsifying and dispersing

Single-Push® Transducer also available

The single-push transducer with only one driver head is the less expensive version of the push-pull transducer. Only one driver head has to create the total power.

Various frequencies and materials

We offer frequencies of 25 kHz, 30 kHz, and 40 kHz. And we can produce our rods in either stainless steel or titanium.

19 standard lengths, 3 different frequencies, available for immediate delivery

Standard rod lengths range from 13.31″ to 67.91″.

push pull transducers sizes illustration
(Inches — A)
(Inches — B)
(Inches — C)
(Inches — D)
25 kHz06.25.198MW 600 GPI 2517.247.8022.75
06.25.297MW 600 GPI 2521.1411.6922.75
10.25.297MW 1000 GPI 2521.1411.6922.75
10.25.495MW 1000 GPI 2528.9419.4922.75
15.25.495MW 1500 GPI 2528.9419.4922.75
15.25.693MW 1500 GPI 2536.7327.2822.75
15.25.891MW 1500 GPI 2544.5335.0822.75
20.25.891MW 2000 GPI 2544.5335.0822.75
20.25.1089MW 2000 GPI 2552.3242.8722.75
20.25.1287MW 2000 GPI 2560.1250.6722.75
20.25.1485MW 2000 GPI 2567.9158.4622.75
30 kHz06.30.240MW 600 GPI16.549.451.182.17
06.30.320MW 600 GPI19.6912.601.182.17
10.30.400MW 1000 GPI22.8315.751.182.17
10.30.480MW 1000 GPI25.9918.901.182.17
10.30.560MW 1000 GPI29.1322.051.182.17
15.30.640MW 1500 GPI32.2825.201.182.17
15.30.720MW 1500 GPI35.4328.351.182.17
40 kHz03.40.122MW 300 GPI 4010.914.721.182
05.40.183MW 500 GPI 4013.317.201.182
05.40.302MW 750 GPI 4017.9911.891.182
10.40.427MW 1000 GPI 4022.9116.811.182

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