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Ultrasonic Auto Parts Cleaner

Precision clean your carburetor, fuel injector & other auto parts.

Do you rebuild engines, transmissions, carburetors, or other auto parts? Then you know how difficult to near-impossible it is to effectively clean burnt-on carbon, inside blind holes and diameters and gaskets, and general dirt, oil, and grease from all surfaces.

It’s time that you used what industry-leading manufacturers and auto shops use to make fast and effective work of these challenging tasks with Crest Ultrasonics precision cleaning equipment and highly effective Chem-Crest® solutions.

Automotive industry challenges

Auto parts cleaning historically has been a dirty, time-intensive business that requires a heavy investment in labor to produce less-than-perfect results.

The baked-on, aged oils and carbons and etc. are challenges unto themselves — but the problem is magnified tremendously by the complex twists and turns that are the norm for many auto parts.

How do you reach all the surfaces? Disassemble, scrub by hand, and reassemble? Power spray as best you can and call it “good enough?”

These are the industry challenges that Crest Ultrasonics cleaning systems meet and exceed, giving you less labor time and cost and precision cleaning results. Your labor force will be far better managed, your cleaning results will be far better, and your savings/profits will rise accordingly.

Cosmetics-specific items that Crest can clean

  • Alternators
  • Braided stainless steel hoses
  • Engine blocks
  • Engine heads
  • Generators
  • Intake manifolds
  • Oil pans
  • Pistons
  • Power steering pumps
  • Starters
  • Valve bodies

Crest equipment typically used

All-purpose Parts Cleaner

Engineered with high-intensity ultrasonic power that goes beyond industry standards, our parts washers’ pull-through bag filtration and specially designed pump recirculation eliminate the loss of ultrasonic activity and cavitation while processing.

Industrial Tanks & Generators

Our tanks offer the ideal ultrasonic bath environment for precision cleaning, with plug-and-play transducerized applications. Our industrial-strength generators (sold separately) provide all the power you will need.

Chem-Crest® chemistries typically used

chem crest chemicals
Ordering available for gallon, case, pail, 55-gallon drum, and tote sizes. Items generally shipped within 24 hours.

Chem-Crest® 235

A multipurpose, mild, phosphate- and caustic-free alkaline liquid cleaner. It is useful in many applications demanding removal of various contaminants such as oils, greases, particulate matter, and carbon residues. this detergent was specially developed for the cleaning of off-engine, firearms, and bicycle parts, though it finds many other uses throughout industrial, mechanical, and maintenance cleaning operations. Chem-Crest 235 is freely water soluble. See detailed specifications >>

Chem-Crest® 2003

A heavy duty liquid detergent concentrate with a broad spectrum of uses on hard-to-clean contaminants. It is useful in many applications demanding removal of various tough contaminants from the automotive industry to general maintenance cleaning to heat exchangers, as well as others. Chem-Crest 2003 is mildly inhibited to help prevent flash rusting, and is free-rinsing. See detailed specifications >>

Chem-Crest® SolvaClean

A unique, high-performing, non-flammable, azeotropic fluorinated solvent blend developed specifically as a safe, powerful, and environmentally favorable product for the critical cleaning of precision components and as a high purity carrier solvent. See detailed specifications >>


Case study

Below are images from various automotive cases using Crest Ultrasonics equipment and Chem-Crest® solutions. All cleaning can commonly be achieved within 10-20 minutes, depending upon the item’s size, shape, and condition.

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