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Ultrasonic Bike Parts Cleaner

Stand-alone cleaning systems offer powerful processing in a compact footprint.

Our stand-alone CG processing station works within a single tank using Chem-Crest CC235 biodegradable cleaning agent, overflow rinse, and displacement lubrication drying agent Chem-Crest 400L for three-step cleaning.

The CG-611-25T and the CG-620-25T offer two steps including a heated ultrasonic cleaning stage, followed by a stagnant rinse stage. The CG-1020-3ST adds an additional stagnant rinse stage.

This small compact single-tank environment quickly removes carbon, oils, greases, and dirt within 10 minutes per stage. Each step in the process allows processing stages to run separately and simultaneously.

Displacement drying ensures that the parts are moisture-free and protected.

We designed these ultrasonic bike parts cleaning systems to fit on countertops fitted or mounted on an optionally purchased stand or mobile cart.

industrial cleaner for bike parts - front
industrial bike parts cleaner - side

Features include:

  • External 40kHz Genesis generator
  • Primary stage heated wash chamber with ultrasonics
  • Primary stage rinse chamber
  • Lubrication stage chamber with ultrasonics
  • Front-panel mounted thermostat
  • 0-30mm front-panel mounted ultrasonic timer
  • 2 mesh parts baskets
  • Primary wash Chamber with supply and return ports
  • Individual lift-off tank covers
  • Individual chamber drain valves
  • Optional roll around cart

Three standard tanks sizes

ModelProcess Tank Size
(L x W x H)
Ultrasonic PowerHeat PowerTank CapacityPower Requirements
CG-611-25T6” x 11” x 6”250/250 watts500 watts2 gallons120v/9.6 amps
CG-620-25T6” x 20” x 6”300/200 watts1000 watts3 gallons120v/13.4 amps
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