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Crest Ultrasonics Cleaning Patents

A list of patents that have helped make Crest Ultrasonics one of the world’s largest privately held ultrasonic cleaning companies

“Crest Ultrasonics” is synonymous with innovation. We have been leading the way since 1961 in the development, installation and support of high quality ultrasonic cleaning equipment, as well as ultrasonic cleaning solutions.

Our reputation as an industry leader is the result of year after year of patented technological breakthroughs.

While we own many patents, here are the most significant three:

Ultrasonic Transducer

Patent Filed: May 9, 1996

Date of Patent: May 5, 1998

Overview: In the present invention, the insertion of a resonance enhancing disc made of alumina ceramic is positioned between the base of the generator and the piezo electric material. This provides an increase in intensity of the resonant frequency signals, diminishing periodical shift in frequency and stabilizing piezo electric material temperature.

See the full patent here (Adobe Acrobat PDF will open in a new window).

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Ultrasonic Processing Method and Apparatus with Multiple Frequency Transducers

Patent Filed: November 5, 2004

Prior Publication Data: January 9, 2005

Date of Patent: July 24, 2007

Overview: The transducers are arranged in equilateral triangular patterns along diagonal lines on a wall of the tank so that each transducer has an adjacent transducer of a different frequency. Alternatively, the apparatus includes one or more rod transducers having different resonant frequencies so that the apparatus provides a mixture of various frequencies of ultrasonic energy to the tank. Another aspect of the invention involves selecting transducers with different resonant frequencies that are outside an excluded subrange, and powering the transducers by a driving signal that sweeps through the resonant frequencies of the transducers and the excluded subrange.

See the full patent here (Adobe Acrobat PDF will open in a new window).

Megasonic Processing Apparatus with Frequency Sweeping of Thickness Mode Transducers

Patent Filed: October 2, 2009

Prior Publication Data: January 21, 2010

Date of Patent: November 13, 2012

Overview: A megasonic processing apparatus and method has one or more piezoelectric transducers operating in thickness mode at fundamental resonant frequencies of at least 300 kHz. A generator powers the transducers with a variable-frequency driving signal that varies or sweeps throughout a predetermined sweep frequency range. The generator repeatedly vanes or sweeps the frequency of the driving signal through a sweep frequency range that includes the resonant frequencies of all the transducers.

See the full patent here (Adobe Acrobat PDF will open in a new window).

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