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Ultrasonic Gun Cleaning Equipment

For superior ultrasonic firearm cleaning, choose the most effective equipment, chemicals, and process available today

Crest Ultrasonics Firearm Clean & Lubrication Systems quickly clean and lubricate field stripped firearms, restoring the parts to factory new cleanliness with a 90% reduction in hand labor.

The cleaning solution and lubricant are non-hazardous and nearly odorless, which create a safe work environment and eliminate storage and handling of conventional hazardous/flammable gun cleaning products.

The Crest Ultrasonics Cleaning Equipment Advantage

Our immersible ultrasonic transducers are much larger than the competition’s wafer-type transducers. This industrial stack transducer, combined with our patented TrueSweep power generator with constant power output, drives the cleaning solution with much greater force. This extra power translates into faster cleaning times using a safe, less aggressive non-hazardous cleaning solution.

The heavy duty stainless steel drain position baskets are easier to use, (no more hand holding above the tank), and will give years of service life. The basket bottoms where the parts rest on round wire have very little contact area with the parts and will not scratch or otherwise damage the finish. In addition, there is no sound absorbing polycarbonate present to reduce ultrasonic efficiency.

The Chem-Crest® Cleaning Solutions Advantage

Our ultrasonic gun parts cleaner concentrate yields about 4 guns per oz. versus the competition’s 2 guns per oz. Our gallon yields 21 gallons of cleaning solution versus 11 gallons for the competitor’s cleaning concentrate.

Our lubricant has little or no odor versus the competition’s oil, which has a significant solvent odor. It removes water and is blown off with compressed air leaving a very light coating of protective oil on the field-stripped parts versus the competition’s “lubricating solution”-treated parts that turn bone dry, becoming whitish color from lack of oil. Our lubricant is recyclable and re-usable versus the competition’s oil, which has to be replaced at 35 guns per gallon.

Demonstration Videos:

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F-636HT Rifle Ultrasonic Cleaning

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F-1200HT cc235 Ultrasonic Cleaning

F-1200HT cc235 Ultrasonic Cleaning

F-1200HT Handgun Ultrasonic Cleaning

Over 20 different Crest ultrasonic gun cleaning systems are available.

For single and bulk ultrasonic cleaning of handgun and rifle parts, cases and cartridges.

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