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Ultrasonic Gun Parts Cleaning Solution

Fast, "factory new" precision cleaning with approximately 90% reduction in hand labor.

Crest Ultrasonics firearm cleaning and lubrication systems quickly clean and lubricate field stripped firearms, restoring the parts to factory new cleanliness with an approximately 90% reduction in hand labor.

The Prop 65-compliant cleaning solutions and lubricants are non-hazardous and nearly odorless, which creates a safe work environment and helps eliminate storage and handling of conventional hazardous/flammable gun cleaning products.

Weapons industry challenges

Many – if not most – ultrasonics cleaning manufacturers provide equipment that is not uniform in its ultrasonic wave production. This can cause hot spots and/or cold spots, which can cause surface damage to your firearms during cleaning.

Meanwhile, cleaning your firearms by hand is very labor intensive. It will also be virtually impossible to achieve the same results as ultrasonic cleaning. Cleaning firearms by hand also involves using smelly and messy oils.

Competitors often formulate cleaning solutions that do not clean as well as ours, due to lack of formulation experience. Using harsh chemicals and solvents will risk worker safety. And ineffective, weak, and misapplied formulations result in detergents and lubricants that are not as effective as our Chem-Crest® products.

Cosmetics-specific items that Crest can clean

  • Automatic rifles
  • Carbines
  • Casings
  • Cartridges
  • Firearms
  • Handguns
  • Long guns
  • Machine guns
  • Rifles
  • Shotguns
  • Sniper rifles
  • Submachine guns

Crest equipment typically used

F500HT gun cleaning equipement

F500HT Firearms Ultrasonic Cleaning System

The Crest Ultrasonics F500HT ultrasonic cleaning system is a real time-saver for the busy shop or department armory that has a lot of guns to clean.

The F500HT powerfully removes gunpowder, carbon, dirt, and oil in just a few minutes, leaving the entire firearm clean and lubricated. Advanced technology in the F500HT uses a combination of heated cleaning solution and ultrasonic cavitation to scrub firearms clean much faster than hand cleaning.

The exclusive true-sweep frequency sweeping penetrates and cleans even the smallest crevices, leaving heavily fouled field-stripped firearms restored to factory new cleanliness and ready for lubrication or refinishing. Ceramically enhanced transducers produce higher frequencies than was previously possible, resulting in superior contaminant removal or reducing damage to sensitive parts.

Complete systems with large capacity tanks allow multiple firearms to be cleaned all at once. The benchtop system, for example, simultaneously cleans four handguns or one submachine gun.

The complete kit includes an adjustable temperature control with on and off switch, stainless steel heated tank, 30-minute timer, rear drain with pinch valve, two full length heavy duty mesh baskets with handles, a lube pan, and two tank covers.

f1236ht ultrasonic gun cleaning equipment

F1236HT Heavy-duty Long Gun/Handgun System

The Crest Ultrasonics F1236HT ultrasonic cleaning system includes a heated tank with two heavy-duty weapon racks (35”x5.5”) that have five removable handgun partitions, one lube pan (35.5”x6”) with anti-splash dampers and rack drip holder, tank and lube pan covers, a 30-minute timer, and capped filtration system ports.

It ships with two gallons of Chem-Crest© 235 clean concentrate and six gallons of Chem-Crest© 400L lubricant.

The F1236HT cleans and lubricates simultaneously for faster processing of parts, and can use the optional full size 11”x35” F1236HT-DW weapon rack.

Electrical requirements: 120V/1PH/30AMPS, (two plugs: 1, 20 AMP and 1, 15 AMP). A deluxe rolling cart available. Its overall dimensions are 45”x24”, and shipping weight is 560lbs.

Other Crest Ultrasonics industrial cleaning tanks that are suitable for various weapons cleaning needs include our F636HT, F1436HT, F427-MF, F1251HT, and 2F636HT.

Crest Ultrasonics offers a wide range of precision cleaning systems built in various sizes to meet different firearm cleaning needs.

Chem-Crest® chemistries typically used

chem crest chemicals
Ordering available for gallon, case, pail, 55-gallon drum, and tote sizes. Items generally shipped within 24 hours.

Chem-Crest® 235

A multipurpose, mild, phosphate- and caustic-free alkaline liquid cleaner that is useful in many applications demanding removal of various contaminants such as oils, greases, particulate matter, and carbon residues. This detergent was specially developed for the cleaning of off-engine, firearms, and bicycle parts, though it finds many other uses throughout industrial, mechanical, and maintenance cleaning operations. Freely water soluble. See detailed specifications >>

Chem-Crest® 2003

Heavy-duty industrial strength ultrasonic liquid detergent concentrate that is effective on various contaminants such as oils, greases, particulate matter, carbon residues, dried-on fuel and crude fuel residues, as well as general contaminants. See detailed specifications >>

Chem-Crest® 400L

A non-hazardous petroleum distillate designed to be used at full strength in an ultrasonic bath for the primary use of displacing and absorbing rinse water and for the lubrication of weapons and bicycle parts. This solution is designed to absorb large quantities of water that can later be settled out for the purpose of reusing the lubricant. See detailed specifications >>

Chem-Crest® SolvaClean

A unique, high-performing, non-flammable, azeotropic fluorinated solvent blend developed specifically as a safe, powerful, and environmentally favorable product for the critical cleaning of precision components and as a high purity carrier solvent. See detailed specifications >>


Case study

Before Jay Ward of puts his guns in an oil bath, he wants to clean them throughly.

He tested a competitor to Crest Ultrasonics, and found that their system “just doesn’t seem to have the potency as the Crest brand does.” He also reported that “after a half dozen guns, the cleaning ability disappears and you are basically using slippery water, as you must keep adding cleaner to enhance the cleaning strength it has lost.” After extended use with the competitor’s product, the oil would separate with a “black/brown sludge layer on the bottom of the tank,” creating a sticky residue that leaches out of the metal’s pores and slows down the cycle time for cleaning all-metal guns.

He now faithfully uses Crest Ultrasonics gun cleaning system, saying he only wants to use our quality cleaning and lubricating system.

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