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Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner

From creation through to repair, Crest ultrasonic cleaning helps your jewelry business truly shine.

The jewelry industry requires a variety of cleaning applications, ranging from routine cleaning to removing dust, miscellaneous particulate, hand lotion, cosmetics, and soaps that build up in the nooks and crannies of rings, necklaces, earrings, watch bands, and so on, after extensive wearing.

Jewelry often needs to be cleaned after the repair of brazed joints, following re-polishing, stone resets, necklace and bracelet length reductions, watch band repairs, and more.

Jewelry manufacturers also need to clean items such as rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, pendants, trophies, and platters during in-process polishing and final clean after assembly and further polishing, which can involve a multi-step process.

Jewelry industry challenges

Jewelers often handle both low-end and high-end jewelry pieces, and would prefer one simple cleaning solution to precision clean it all.

Generally, family storeowners, national retailers, and global jewelry manufacturers all have limited budgets for cleaning equipment in an industry that is highly competitive.

Because of inherently stressful customer demands, jewelers particularly expect a high level of support and fast ordering and cleaning turnaround times. Above all, they want a cleaning solution that makes them and their products look spectacular.

Cosmetics-specific items that Crest can clean

  • Gold rings
  • Silver rings
  • Diamond rings
  • Hard-stone rings
  • Necklaces
  • Bracelets
  • Pendants
  • Watch bands
  • Trophies
  • Platters

Crest equipment typically used

Ultrasonic Benchtop Cleaners

Cleans like no other benchtop ultrasonic cleaner with ceramic ally enhanced transducers and overlapping ultrasonic waves. Greater power and reliability, compared to wave-top transducers. Click here to buy now.

Industrial Tanks & Generators

Our tanks offer the ideal ultrasonic bath environment for precision cleaning, with plug-and-play transducerized applications. Our industrial-strength generators (sold separately) provide all the power you will need.

Ultrasonic Digital Sink (UDS)

A convenient modular design includes both wash and rinse, providing easy multi-tank precision process cleaning in a workhorse two-stage unit. Additional UDS units can be added to meet the new process requirements.

Digital Modular Series (DMS)

For higher throughput and larger components that can’t be handled manually. Standard plug-and-play options include filtration, frequencies, automatic fill/drain, conductivity, and much more. Our DMS system is expandable, versatile, and modular.

Crest Ultrasonics has the equipment solutions needed for small businesses all the way to world-class jewelry manufacturers. 

Chem-Crest® chemistries typically used

chem crest chemicals
Ordering available for gallon, case, pail, 55-gallon drum, and tote sizes. Items generally shipped within 24 hours.

Chem-Crest® 165

A phosphate-free deoxidizer and liquid cleaner designed to remove light oils, discoloration, tarnishes, scales, and oxides. Solutions are near neutral pH. This detergent also finds uses in the cleaning of soft metals after manufacture, and as part of routine cleaning operations. See detailed specifications >>

Chem-Crest® 715

A mild liquid detergent is useful in many applications requiring good detergency and wetting, especially on hard surfaces. It is a non-etching and neutral pH detergent. It can also be used as an additive to other detergents to increase wetting capability. See detailed specifications >>

Chem-Crest® SolvaClean

A unique, high-performing, non-flammable, azeotropic fluorinated solvent blend developed specifically as a safe, powerful, and environmentally favorable product for the critical cleaning of precision components and as a high purity carrier solvent. See detailed specifications >>


Case study

A prestige, world-class jewelry manufacturer creates various pieces of gold and silver jewelry and other wares, such as trophies and platters in a facility in New Jersey that requires in-process cleaning as well as after final polishing to remove buffing compounds. The company uses a Crest Ultrasonics multi-station system with automated wash, rinse, rinse, hot air dry processing.

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