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Three ways Crest Ultrasonics can help you grow your business

Increase your sales and profits from ultrasonic cleaning equipment by partnering with industry-leader Crest Ultrasonics.

Why? Because you will offer your customers Crest’s patented innovations, quality, and support without investing the time and effort to attempt achieving these things yourself.

For the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)

Crest Ultrasonics has a long and highly successful history of making state-of-the-art standard and made-to-order immersible transducers, tanks, and generators. We offer you sizing assistance and basic application development, with standard or custom engineering solutions that provide seamless installations at your factory, into ultrasonic equipment designs that you then manufacture to completion on your own.

For our larger, repeat-volume customers, we can also hold your inventory for you, so we have your stocked parts waiting for you for on-call, rapid delivery.

For the private label marketer

You sell your customers Crest Ultrasonics quality and reliability while using your own branding. We work anonymously on your behalf, providing ultrasonic cleaning equipment that carries your logo, model numbers, and personalized manuals. Under private label relationships with Crest, your company provides customer service and replacement parts.

Crest also provides private label packaging for our ultrasonic cleaning solutions.

For the catalog distributor

Crest Ultrasonics offers our distributors either General or Premium discount pricing tiers, depending upon your volume of business. We offer standard equipment only (no custom solutions), with your customers contacting us for full equipment support and warranties.

To make your job even easier, Crest can set you up so you order your inventory from us online, with specialized pricing per distributor. This means you have no warehousing costs, with no-wait response times and drop shipping to your customers. Ask your sales representative for more information.

Crest also offers an exclusive line of ultrasonic cleaning solutions for sale by our distributor networks.

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