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Ultrasonic Digital Sink (UDS)

A Workhorse Wash/Rinse System That Offers Mobility and Flexibility in an Economical Modular Design

The Crest Ultrasonic Digital Sink offers compact cleaning packed with technology in an economic modular design to fit your work area and budget.

The convenient modular design, including both wash and rinse, provides easy multi-tank precision process cleaning in a workhorse two-stage unit. Should your cleaning process change, additional UDS units can be added to meet the new process requirements.  The UDS gives you true versatility in design.

The rugged frame and floorplate design allows for bottom-mounted, easy-roll castors, which means the unit need not be bound to a single location within a facility. A 12-foot power cord further extends the mobility of the Ultrasonic Digital Sink to  support your work flow and space requirements.

Our UL-CSA approved Ultrasonic Digital Sinks efficiently remove:

  • Wax
  • Surface rust
  • Oil
  • Protein
  • Flux
  • Chemical residue
  • Paint
  • Scale
  • Adhesive
  • Dust
  • Polishing compounds/residue

Crest Ultrasonic Digital Sinks clean even microscopic spaces that are inaccessible to normal cleaning tools. They are ideal for use in many industries including:

  • Ambulatory surgery centers (instruments, devices)
  • Medical device/dental manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical (pill punch dies)
  • Dental/optical/clinical outpatient offices (instruments, molds and components)
  • Laboratories (instruments and equipment)
  • Veterinary clinics/surgery centers (instrumentation)
  • Precision machining (cellular in-process cleaning)
  • Electronics (solder and flux residues on circuit boards and assemblies)

Ask your Crest representative for more details.

  • Remote output capabilities with temperature and wattage display
  • Spill sensor located in bottom cabinet
  • Rugged stainless steel construction and plumbing — built to last
  • Marine lip design on counter forces liquids to flow back into the sink, limiting spillage
  • Low-level safety sensor in bath to monitor liquid levels while protecting heaters and transducers
  • Lift-off cover with moisture drain flange
  •  Generator built into cabinet eliminates cables on floor
  • 10×14 and 18×12 with removable plates for use with dual or megasonic frequencies
  • Available with or without an overflow weir (used for either filtration or rinse to drain)
  • Moisture strip located within the cabinet warns of any internal moisture
  • Basket with coated feet eliminates the need for an in-tank basket positioner and allows for better sonic activity
  • Over-temp protection with resettable thermostat probe
  • Lockable drain and fill valve, which speeds solution changes and tank cleaning

16 standard tank sizes, available for immediate delivery

Standard tank sizes range from 14″L x 14″W x 10″H to 36″L x 24″W x 20″H.

ModelPart NumberTank Capacity (gallons)Tank Dimensions (L x W x D)Ultrasonic FrequencyAMPSUltrasonic Power (watts)Heat Power (watts)
2-UDS-1812-129020801918"x12"x12"25 kHz1010002000
2-UDS-2415-1290208021724"x15"x14"25 kHz1710004000
2-UDS-2618-2490208033026"x18"x18"25 kHz2720006000
2-UDS-3624-3690208046236"x24"x20"25 kHz3430008000
4-UDS-1812-129040801918"x12"x12"40 kHz1010002000
4-UDS-1812-12-OFE9040851918"x12"x12"40 kHz1010002000
4-UDS-2415-1290408021724"x15"x14"40 kHz1710004000
4-UDS-2415-12-OFE90408521724"x15"x14"40 kHz1710004000
4-UDS-2618-2490408033026"x18"x18"40 kHz2720006000
4-UDS-2618-24-OFE90408533026"x18"x18"40 kHz2720006000
4-UDS-3624-3690408046236"x24"x20"40 kHz3430008000
4-UDS-3624-36-OFE90408546236"x24"x20"40 kHz3430008000
  • Stainless steel basket, tank cover, and cord cable for connection
  • 25 kHz and 40 kHz frequencies standard in stock
  • Baskets lined with 1/4 inch mesh on bottom and sides (up to 6 inches in height)
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