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Ultrasonic Surgical and Medical Instruments Cleaner

Precision clean surgical and medical instruments.

Medical professionals will encounter many needs for Crest Ultrasonics precision cleaning equipment and Chem-Crest® ultrasonic solutions.

Medical industry challenges

  • Reprocessing of medical devices requires a quality management system.
  • Contaminated surgical instruments and endoscopes have caused infection transmission.
  • Cleaning of all reusable medical devices is a critical step that should be monitored.
  • Inadequate cleaning can result in failure of sterilization and/or high-level disinfection.
  • Proactive gap analysis is critical for optimal medical device reprocessing.

The complexity of medical devices has increased over the past ten years, and outbreaks of infections due to contaminated devices have focused attention on the need to adequately clean medical devices to ensure the adequacy of disinfection and sterilization. There has been a paradigm shift in reprocessing medical devices, emphasizing a quality management systems approach that requires high-frequency ultrasonic cleaning and ongoing monitoring by reprocessing personnel.

Advancements in surgical instrument design have dramatically improved patient outcomes. Intricately designed surgical instruments and devices have made manual cleaning more labor intensive and challenging for the washing/decontamination department staff. CREST HEALTHCARE Ultrasonic Cleaners help increase efficiency in the Sterile Processing Department (SPD) through powerful ultrasonic cleaning capabilities, maximum capacity, and staff-focused designs.

Crest equipment typically used

A freestanding instrument cleaner with multiple wash/rinse cycle options and touch-screen digital control supplied in a compact stainless-steel cabinet.

Contains all needed components to effectively wash (utilizing ultrasonic cavitation in a detergent-balanced wash solution) surgical instruments prior to disinfection and sterilization.

The PJ is equipped with an automatic opening lid and load elevator for ergonomic, easy and safe instrument loading, and touchscreen control.

A freestanding instrument cleaner supplied in a compact stainless-steel cabinet.

The compact design makes it suitable for use in the Central Supply or other instrument preprocessing areas to ultrasonically wash instruments prior to a disinfection and sterilization cycle.

The CJ is equipped with an automatic opening lid and load elevator for ergonomic, easy and safe instrument loading.


Chem-Crest® chemistries typically used

chem crest chemicals
Ordering available for gallon, case, pail, 55-gallon drum, and tote sizes. Items generally shipped within 24 hours.

Chem-Crest® 14EZ

A mildly alkaline and enzymatic liquid detergent for the cleaning of surgical instruments that is designed to be used in an ultrasonic bath for the removal of blood, tissue, ointments, light oils, bodily excretions, and other contaminants associated with surgical instruments. It is formulated to be low foaming and an aggressive blood remover. It is non-caustic and phosphate-free. See detailed specifications >>

Chem-Crest® LF275

A multipurpose, heavy-duty, phosphate- and silicate-free caustic liquid detergent. It is useful in many applications demanding removal of various contaminants such as oils, greases, and particulates. This detergent finds many uses throughout medical, industrial, mechanical, and maintenance cleaning operations – including spray and turbulent environments. See detailed specifications >>

NOTE: Please contact your Crest Ultrasonics representative for detergent recommendations based upon your specific application.

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