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Why Crest Ultrasonics

A dominating industry presence with patented ultrasonic innovations, vertical integration, and worldwide sector diversity.

Headquartered in Trenton, New Jersey, Crest Ultrasonics is the largest privately-held company in the ultrasonics industry, with a tremendous presence in ultrasonic invention and situated perfectly within a vertical group of companies within The Crest Group — the global leader in innovative ultrasonic cleaning, welding and joining equipment manufacturing with operations in 15 countries throughout North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

As a Crest Ultrasonics customer, your company (and any global satellite offices) enjoys:

  • Standard ultrasonic equipment deliveries and repairs near many international locations
  • Custom ultrasonic equipment manufacturing to your exacting standards and specific needs
  • Leading-edge ultrasonic cleaning solutions using patented engineering principles
  • Seamless global connectivity to our sister companies for any other ultrasonic-based needs you may have

Third harmonics

Ceramically stacked high frequency transducers are designed to meet the needs of high-tech applications where the requirements are submicron cleaning. They offer superior transmission of sound at higher frequencies which results in better contaminant removal and reduced damage to sensitive parts.

Direct bonded multiple frequency cleaning transducers

Capture pure ultrasonics with the correct direct bonded transducer for third harmonic high frequencies — only from Crest Ultrasonics (our immersible and push-pull transducers also work with first harmonic frequencies).

Patents that make Crest the market leader in ultrasonic cleaning

Crest Ultrasonics continues to push the envelope with ultrasonic applications. Our engineering department is behind the largest breakthroughs in ultrasonics for the past 30 years. Our crowning achievements include major ultrasonic cleaning patents in the field of ultrasonic and megasonic transducer technologies. As we continue to grow as an entity, we continue to innovate our products to meet the cleaning needs of tomorrow.

Worldwide sales and manufacturing

The Crest Ultrasonics sales force is second to none in its proactive customer service, equipment knowledge, and global reach. So regardless of your industry, your cleaning challenge or scale of need, our worldwide sales representatives are without question whom you should speak to first.

Crest Ultrasonics is a division of The Crest Group family of companies. The Crest Group is the global leader in innovative ultrasonic cleaning and thermoplastic welding and joining equipment for all of your ultrasonic cleaning and manufacturing needs. The Group is vertically integrated, yet sector diverse. It is a fine example of a company whose vertical integration serves to provide overall machine or component cost reduction, and improvement in the overall quality levels. This has provided our clients with substantially better ultrasonic machines and components.

No other company makes more custom ultrasonic cleaning systems than The Crest Group — anywhere in the world. It provides a wide range of standard and custom machines that are shipped throughout the world. Service is powered by our global distribution network, with replacement parts and service either same day or next day away. The combination of Crest Ultrasonic’s vertical integration and global customer support network make for a compelling value proposition.

FREE world-class consulting

If your challenge is large enough and involves custom shapes, volumes, equipment configurations, or production lines (hand-advanced or automated), then Crest offers you free ultrasonic consultant services with both our engineering and manufacturing departments.

That’s right: Our experts’ effort — including thousands of dollars worth of time and materials — costs you absolutely nothing.

To learn more, contact us today.

Also ask about our Chem-Crest® chemistries

chem crest chemicals
Ordering available for gallon, case, pail, 55-gallon drum, and tote sizes. Items generally shipped within 24 hours.

We offer a wide range of highly effective detergents for most industry needs. Standard and custom formulations available. To learn more, select a specific or related ultrasonic cleaning industry page and scroll to the bottom. Of course you can contact us with any questions.